About us

EmpowerLabs a technology and consulting company based in Lake Tahoe, USA that offers a range of programs and products for business transformation to increase productivity, profitability, innovation and overall performance.

A place for learning and innovation, EmpowerLabs is out to revitalize, inspire and empower organizations in the digital age so they can focus on creating the greatest value.

Our team develops leading-edge technological and transformational tools to shift people and organizations into the future of digital business, exponential productivity, and twenty-first-century leadership so they have more time for the things in life that matter.

The EmpowerLabs team is very happy to have created many corporate universities through our EmpowerElearning service and helped businesses reach targets, innovate and solve critical problems in a broad range of industries such as banking, biotech and hospitality with transformation processes that accelerate results through hyper-collaboration and our proprietary approach to management.

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs and their organizations reach their goals by becoming exponentially more productive in the digital age.

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We believe...

In the amazing potential of the individual

In the power of collective intelligence to accomplish outstanding business results

That organizations can become smarter in the way they deal with the growing complexity of business in this century

That individuals want to thrive in the work place to bring purpose to their lives

We created EmpowerLabs to help entrepreneurs and organizations find their dream and become the best they can be.