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Our Labs

Web Platforms

Analysis, design and programming of web platforms using PHP, HTML5, JavaScript. Development of APIs and Web Apps.
Projects: Online Learning Campus, Website Development, API Development.

Mobile Apps

Analysis and design for mobile apps on the main leading platforms from the market. Developing apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone; compatible with a variety of mobile smartphones and tablets.

Business Systems

We design integrated collaboration systems to facilitate the management and operation of companies.
Projects: Sales Agencies Systems, Insurance Agencies System, Human Transformation Systems, Small Business Management Systems, Document Management Systems, Franchise Management Systems.


We design and implement eLearning methodologies, processes and technologies.
Projects: Online facilitation methodologies, Intelligence based learning systems™, Gamification Projects, Informal Collaborative Learning.

Digital Management

We design and implement collaborative management methods to deliver exceptional business performance.
Projects: Empowernomics® Business Transformation, Intelligent Organization Model™, Strategic and Performance Scorecards, Systems and Technologies of Innovation.

Webconferencing Platform

Analysis, design and programming platforms for education and live collaboration. Implementation on mobile devices. APIs design and integration of components.
Projects: Online Learning Campus, Website Development, API Development.

Tech Support

We design and implement methods and technologies to improve the design of technical support and operation as: Digital Performance Support Systems.

Digital Design

We design and produce multimedia content in different formats of digital video production.


We design and implement electronic work methodologies to improve collaboration and productivity in the workplace such as: Hyper-Collaboration ™, Methodology, Activity Dashboards, High Performance Development Teams.


Image Virtual Work

Virtual Work (eWork)

It allows collaboration from anywhere.

Image facilitation online

facilitation online

It allows the development of meetings, presentations and online courses: Virtual Facilitator certification.

Image Learn how learn

Learn how learn

Self-knowledge, self-learning and collaborative learning.

Image Digital thought

Digital thought

It is a new way to view, analyze, synthesize, reason and reflect considering a highly digital and networked environment.

Image Managing web technologies

Managing Web Technologies

Networks, collaborative tools, structured wikis, business solutions, apps in mobile environments, collaborative tools.

Digital leadership

Digital leadership

Coordinate work teams distributed networking and digital environments.

Image Hyper-collaboration


It allows working at an accelerated pace (agile) leveraging the collective intelligence.

Image Digital information managment

Digital information management

By using all kinds of tools and digital media